BIOCARE StrongEnds

Repair Your Dry, Brittle or Damaged Hair

A lot of women are opting to wear their natural hair. Whilst some are making these decisions based on personal preferences (need for a style change), others have little choice to go into this trend because of split-ends due to chemical over-processing and heat styling tools.

Hair is dry, damaged, dull and brittle hair due to the lack of moisture and excessive sun exposure. The sun absorbs moisture which may leave hair ends with a yellowish tinge and cause it to be extremely dry. Receding hairline (traction alopecia) especially around the temples due to excessive use of hair extensions, braids and wigs.

StrongEnds with Honey Infusion offers a unique solution. Women can strengthen and grow their hair length, whether it’s natural or relaxed from inside out. Because StrongEnds products are enriched with strengthening and hydrating ingredients that increases hair elasticity to prevent breakage.

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Showing all 28 results

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